The Wonderful Mystery of Life

I’ve discovered that admitting to not knowing things can bring a wonderful type of freedom. It does appear to me that the less I pretend to know the happier I become. I’ve probably wasted a great deal of my life searching for answers to questions that have no answer. The world is one great mystery. I really don’t believe that there is any one person who has a better understanding about what is going on than anybody else. ‘Not knowing’ is now my religion and I’m turning into quite a fanatic. It is just so liberating. People will have lots of things that they believe in or have faith in – but not knowing something is a certainty.

Reality Might Not be Real but it is Interesting

Life is a mystery to be lived and not a problem to be solved – I’m not sure who first uttered this quote but they were very wise when they said it. I’ve spent most of my life trying to escape reality. For a long time I used alcohol to numb my brain, but I’ve also used meditation as a means to escape my normal consciousness. Don’t get me wrong here, meditation continues to be a hugely important aspect of my life but my motivations have changed. I’ve stopped trying to develop the ability to transcend the world.

I want to stop denying life- what is here now is good enough. I’m convinced by the Buddhist idea that the self is an illusion, but it is a bloody good illusion. Maybe the only real task for humans in life is to enjoy the show. Getting overly concerned about how the show came about seems to me to be a waste of time; like insisting that the magician explains his tricks – it also feels somehow ungrateful.

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