100 Tips for Building a Great Life after Addiction

Timmy and Me at Khao Khitchakut

I have written hundreds of blog posts about my new life since giving up alcohol eight years ago. It’s been an incredible journey so far with amazing highs and some extreme lows. I’m still here, and I’m a much happier, calmer, and far more serene individual than I was when I started. Here are my 100 tips for building a great life following addiction:

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Problems with Staying Focused Prevent Me from Learning Thai

Week 10 of my Six Month Attempt to Speak Fluent Thai

Stop in Thai

It has become apparent to me this last week that it is my inability to stay focused that has been my biggest barrier to learning Thai. I’m easily distracted, and I can zone-out for disturbingly long periods of time without even realizing it. It means during my study time, I can be automatically clicking on web pages and reading social media updates or just generally ‘away with the fairies’.

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6 Things Depression Has Taught Me about Happiness

I find it harder to talk about my experiences with depression than I do my battle with alcohol addiction. This is because I know my alcoholism is behind me, but I don’t yet feel the same confidence when it comes to declaring victory over depression. I’ve definitely become better at managing the dark cloud when it arrives, but I would prefer if it never visited at all.

Perchance, Patiently Perched

I fear depression, but it has also been my greatest teacher. Here are six of the important lessons it has taught me:

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5 Tips for How to Stop Drinking Alcohol without Becoming a Dick

I have done things while sober that are almost as cringe-worthy as the stuff I did while drunk. Most of these episodes of being a jerk happened due to my naivety or ignorance, but they could still be a source of annoyance for other people. Here are my five tips for how you can stop drinking alcohol without becoming a dick.

Don't be a dick

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Thai Fluency in 10,000 Sentences

Sign at Khao Khitchakut

Week 9 of My Six Month Attempt to Speak Fluent Thai

I had a couple of days last week where it felt as if my brain was rebelling against learning Thai. I expected there to be times like this, so I too wasn’t alarmed. I just gave my mind a bit of a rest by focusing more on revising rather than trying to cram more stuff in there. This approach worked and whatever was clogging up the system is now gone.

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