The Story of How I Found Real Mindfulness in Thailand

Bridge Pak Rong

I first started messing around with mindfulness when I was in my early teens. I’d always been a bit of a worrier, but my stress levels were off the scale back then because I was living in the midst of my parent’s marriage meltdown – it wasn’t a nice time, and there were many occasions when it felt as if the pressure would cause my head to explode.

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Hope Rehab Thailand

Review of My Learning Thai Resources

My Thai books

Week 21 of My Six Month Attempt to Learn Thai

My schedule for learning Thai went off the rails during the last 10 days. Last week, my niece come to stay with us, then I picked up a bad cold that put me out of action for 72 hours, and I also started a new job. To be honest, it was actually nice to take a break from studying, and it has put me in a better frame of mind for the last few weeks of this challenge.

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Hope Rehab Thailand Review

I gave up alcohol at a detox temple called Thamkrabok, and this is the first destination I recommend to anyone considering Thailand as a venue for addiction treatment. It is a wonderful program, and I owe it my life. I also know from email exchanges with readers of my blog that this is not an option that appeals to everyone – I also realize there are some ex-patients who just weren’t able to get what they needed at Thamkrabok. To these people I would like to suggest Hope Rehab Thailand


Why Do I Recommend Hope Rehab Thailand?

I work part-time at Hope Rehab as a mindfulness coach, and this has given me the opportunity to assess the program and the facilities firsthand. My opinion is obviously going to be biased, but I am impressed by what they offer.

Simon Mott is the founder of Hope Rehab. I first met him a few months ago at his office in Sri Racha. I get cynical about the western approach to addiction, but he clearly explained the benefits of his program. I did try to be argumentative, but there was nothing he was saying that I could disagree with. Simon is not only an addiction expert, but also a recovering heroin addict – this isn’t just a job for him. The thing that most impressed me was his emphasis on mindfulness training because it is this more than anything else that has allowed me to build a wonderful life free of alcohol.

Hope Rehab is located in Sri Racha in a secluded area on a hill overlooking the sea – the clients have a nice spacious balcony where they can chill-out and admire the view. The amenities are similar to what you would see in a nice resort – there is a swimming pool, gym, meditation room, and landscaped gardens. It’s not like any rehab I ever went to. It feels a bit like a family because the therapists and clients eat and socialize together

Special Hope Rehab Deal for Readers of my Website

Simon Mott has agreed to give a special deal to readers of my website. If you can arrange your own flight, he will give you a discount of $1,500 on the listed price on their website ($9000). If you would prefer them to arrange your flight, you can still get a discount of $500.

Just contact me at to find out more.

How to Use Mindfulness to Overcome Anxiety

Oa Garrigan Meditating

“It started off with tightness in my stomach – a familiar sign that something is amiss. I then got hit by a torrent of negativity. I managed to keep things together in front of my wife and son, but it really did feel like my world was falling apart…my fears engulfed me. I felt on the verge of panic, and I wasn’t able to sleep – this led to deterioration in my concentration levels…”

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