Legit Mindfulness Rehab Program in Thailand

It is now six months since I began working at Hope Rehab Thailand as a mindfulness coach. I’m proud of the program we have created there, and it’s exciting to be part of a team that appreciates the potential of mindfulness as a recovery tool.

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A Mindfulness Rehab Program for Everyone? – Well… Almost

Mindfulness has been my main recovery tool since giving up alcohol almost nine years ago. By the end of my drinking, I just wanted the pain to stop, but my life has improved in ways I couldn’t have even have imagined back then. I now experience a steady sense of inner-okayness (this doesn’t mean I’m happy all the time) that I once believed could only be found at the bottom of a bottle. Mindfulness has played a huge part in getting me to this point.

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Can I Mindfully Use Alcohol or Drugs?

In my role as a mindfulness coach for people with addiction problems, I often get asked about the possibility of using alcohol or drugs mindfully. This was a question I obsessed about myself for many years, and it led to a great deal of unnecessary suffering. In this video and podcast, I discuss the reasons for why I think it is not possible to use these substances mindfully.

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How to Stop Treating Life like Fight You Need to Win

It seems so obvious to me now that most of my struggles in life have been completely unnecessary. I was like a delusional person sitting on an airplane, and frantically flapping his arms to keep the craft flying – these efforts are not only useless but they ruin the experience flying for everyone involved. In this video and podcast, I discuss how to stop treating life like a fight you need to win.

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How to Mindfully Find Your Life Purpose – Part 2


I’m putting together an eBook for people interested in using mindfulness to overcome addiction problems. I’ll share the chapters on here as I write them. Here is part eight in the series – you will find links to earlier posts at the end of this one.

What is Your Life Purpose?

What if humans are kind of like sunflowers? What I mean by this is that perhaps our only purpose in life is to blossom. In my experience, the key to feel fulfilled has just been to allow this blossoming to occur? I do this by getting out of our own way so the good stuff can rise to the surface.

“If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.”
Abraham Maslow

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