Talking about Myself in Thai


Week 17 of my Six Month Attempt to Speak Fluent Thai

My goal for the remaining couple of months of my challenge is to prepare for a YouTube video where I talk about my experiences at Wat Thamkrabok (a Thai temple where people go to get help with addiction problems). I understand that not everyone is going to be interested in hearing about this type of adventure, but it is something I feel passionate about, and I’ve learned that following my passion is the best way to stay motivated.

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My Learn Thai Fitness Challenge


Week 16 of my Six Month Attempt to Become Fluent in Thai

It is kind of incredible the way my perspective can change so dramatically over the course of a few days. This time last week, it felt like I’d stopped making progress in Thai, but this week I’m back firing on all cylinders again. I attribute much of my renewed enthusiasm to setting a clearer goal (make a video where I talk about my life), but I’ve also made some dramatic changes to my study routine.

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Stop Thinking and Start Living

In this video and podcast, I discuss how much better my life becomes when I spend less time thinking.

I’ve written a couple of blog posts on this topic recently:

Meeting My Guru in a Pub at Age 17

The Miracle of Not Thinking

Press play to watch the video, and you’ll find the podcast of this episode below:

Press play to listen to the podcast:

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