The Promenade at Fashion Island Bangkok

Fashion Island is the nearest large department store to us here in Minburi. When we first moved to Bangkok I avoided going there because I thought it just sold clothes – it took me a few months to catch on that it offers far more than this. We now usually go there once a month, but at this time of year we visit a bit more regularly because it is the rainy season – this makes it difficult to plan outdoor trips. Fashion Island is a bright modern mall with enough shops to keep my wife and son entertained for a few hours. Timmy loves it there because it has Kid’s Island on the top floor. This has a number of fun rides and one of the largest soft play areas in Bangkok – this means plenty of things for him to jump off, slide down, and swing from. My wife usually stays with him while I slip off to visit the Apple Store and enjoy a coffee at Starbucks.

The Promenade

They began building a new department store right beside Fashion Island a few months ago. It has an interesting design. It looks like something out of a fairy book because of the bright colors – it is also cleverly designed to look like an old fashioned street of shops rather than a department store. I’ve been looking forward to seeing the finished building and last Sunday we had the opportunity to visit.

The Promenade is connected to Fashion Island by a sky bridge. I didn’t realize this at first so we ended up having to dodge traffic as we made our way to there from the Fashion Island car park. It was worth it though because I was impressed by what I found inside – not so much because of the shops but because of the design.

The Promenade is obviously trying to attract the wealthy (or as they say in Thailand “high so”) so there are many expensive boutiques. There is also a new high end grocery market that sells international products so this is going to be another good option for westerners looking for home comforts. I didn’t go inside because I needed to go to Tops later – another grocery shop that caters for western tastes. One of the nicest things for me about the Promenade is that there is a Subway restaurant. This is one of my favorite comfort foods so it is good for me to now have an outlet in relatively easy reach of my home – hopefully I won’t feel the need to visit too often. There are also plenty of other restaurants inside The Promenade as well.

Overall I would say that The Promenade is worth a visit for the architecture alone. It is great that it is physically connected to Fashion Island because I wouldn’t visit often if it was just the Promenade.

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4 thoughts on “The Promenade at Fashion Island Bangkok

  1. Cool! This was also the closest mall to me when I lived out on Ramintra Road, only 2 miles away from Fashion Island, with my first teaching job in Bangkok. 11 years ago!!!

    So Fashion Island is updated with more western comforts. Great news – when Subway opened a shop on Sukhumvit I was in heaven. Now suburbanites get that luxury without venturing all the way into town.

    During the mid week to go to Tops and catch a movie and have a pizza for dinner at Fashion Island. You’re right in that there isn’t much else at that mall for us westerners. But it did offer a diversion and for that Fashion Island holds some good memories for me. Thanks for the update!

    1. Hi Amy, I was teaching in Bangkok back then but in Lad Prao. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who appreciates Subway. I never even tried their food until I came to Thailand – in fact the first time was in that Subway on Sukhumvit.

  2. The intriguing thing for me is that the little discount voucher book they were giving out at Christmas had a voucher for NYCC.

    I haven’t found an actual store yet, but if it means Pastrami sandwiches at Fashion Island I’ll be happy as it’s my nearest mall, and although I like Subway, they don’t do Pastrami. (I live in Khlong Samwa)

    One other thing that’s happened. The success of the Giants barbecue place has meant there are now at least 3 places doing all you can eat barbecue just in the Promenade. There are others in Fashion Island too.

    1. Hi Mike, I was a bit surprised by the shops in the Promenade, and I did wonder if there was enough demand for some of them. I’m going to try and stay away from places like Subway as much as possible because it is just too easy for me to pig out there 🙂

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