The Power of Vulnerability

Trying to escape or avoid emotional pain, physical pain, or the discomforts that arise from interacting other people is a mistake. It is only by allowing myself to be completely vulnerable to pain that I can become free of this pain. It is only by remaining open to criticism and the consequences of my mistakes that life becomes easy to navigate. Vulnerability is the key to lasting peace and joy. It allows in pain so it can chip away at those parts of my ego that keeps me disconnected and constantly seeking a solution to this disconnection.

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Vulnerability

    1. Thanks Jeff, I think I prefer these short posts as well. They are just things that pop into my head that would normally go in my personal meditation journal, but I have decided to share them on here too. I wasn’t even sure if people read my blog anymore but obviously they do. Nice to hear from you. We haven’t spoken in a while, I hope you are keeping well.

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