Middle Aged Muay Thai Podcast – A Change in Direction Episode 7

In this episode I explain why there have not being any episodes recently and my plans for this podcast’s future.

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2 thoughts on “Middle Aged Muay Thai Podcast – A Change in Direction Episode 7

  1. Very interesting, I’m 46 years of age and having my first MT fight in one week. I can relate to your desire to compete. I started MT about one and a half years ago with my son, who is now 15. At first I went simply to join him and then quickly joined myself. I always had in the back of my mind that i would like to actually have a fight but feared my age would prevent me.

    Anyway, I’ve always kept a very high level of fitness but this without a doubt has been the most intense life altering training in preparation for this fight.

    I encourage you to keep up the training and train hard!

    1. Thanks G, you are inspirational. Please come back and share your experiences with the fight. The training ahead sure sounds like a challenge, but I need to push my limits; I took the easy way for too long.

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