Five Sober Years Since Thamkrabok

Today is the fifth anniversary of my admission to Thamkrabok temple. In my book Dead Drunk I described the wreck of a man I was back then. My life today is so different. It is humbling to consider how far I’ve come – too often I forget this. Sometimes it just feels that those years of pain belong to somebody else.

I went to a Buddhist temple with just the hope of stopping the pain. I’d already wasted two decades of my life on an alcohol addiction and suspected that I’d months to live if I didn’t stop. Not only was my liver damaged but my mental health was hitting a real low. Thamkrabok gave me so much more than just an end to my pain. I will always be grateful to those monks who helped me back then. Two of these wonderful people have since died; I remember with gratitude Phra Hans and Phra Gordon.

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9 thoughts on “Five Sober Years Since Thamkrabok

  1. I’ve achieved a whole lot, but nothing like that man – CONGRATS – continue to kick addiction’s ass Paul. There must be no greater feeling, and no greater thing you could continue to do for your family and friends. Cheers! Vern

  2. Well done Paul and I’m sure you’ll keep the bottle corked for a further five years. You are an inspiration to other people on the road to recovery from addictions of whatever nature.

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