15 Days of Juice Fasting and the Gateway Experience

I’m going back to Ireland on holiday next month, and I’d be only kidding myself if I resolved to eat sensibly. I experimented with my first juice fast last month. That time I only managed to last four days, but this time the plan is to go for fifteen days. I just want to give my body a good clean out, so I can feel a bit less guilty about any Christmas food overindulgence in Dublin. I also plan to do another 15 day fast when we return to Thailand in January. This will help to get 2013 off to a good start.

Excited About 15 Days of Juice Fasting

So far November has been a complete washout in regards to healthy eating. I stopped my 5:2 intermittent fasting diet, and I didn’t replace it with anything. Surprisingly, my weight hasn’t gone up that much, but I just feel yucky because of all the junk I’ve been eating. I enjoyed my last juice fast, so I’ve high hopes for the next 15 days. I did hit a bit of a wall last time at day 5, so it will be interesting to see what happens this time.

Back to the Gateway Experience

One of the benefits of fasting is that it allows me to go deeper into meditative states, and it increases my dream lucidity. Earlier this year, I devoted three months to the Monroe Institute Gateway Experience, and I feel that this was time well spent. I managed to trigger a couple of out of body experiences, but I must admit that the second half of the course was a bit of an anticlimax. I’m going to try to do 3 – 4 sessions a day of the Gateway Experience so that I can repeat the course during my juice fast. I’m not expecting too much to happen (which is a better approach), but I just enjoyed this journey so much last time that I want to repeat it.

I’ll add some updates on here as the juice fast progresses.

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4 thoughts on “15 Days of Juice Fasting and the Gateway Experience

  1. I used to love long fasts but I haven’t done them in awhile. I do the same as you though – trim down before I head out.

    I’m leaving for the holidays soon so I started on a diet a couple of weeks ago. I only have a few days left before I’m done…. then I’m off.

    Every vacation I say I’m going to be good ‘this time’ but it never works. On return I start cutting back once again. There has to be an easier way…

    1. Hi Catherine, it would be nice stay disciplined at all times, but I’m a long way from that day. I do enjoy these fasts though, it is sort of like going on an adventure, and it is like getting a clean slate.

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