Gateway Experience – Anticlimax at Focus 21

I’ve now reached the end of the Hemi Sync Gateway Experience program, and I must admit to feeling slightly deflated. I felt like I was making such good progress earlier in the journey that I ended up developing unrealistic expectations for the finale. I definitely don’t regret the experience, and I’m still going to continue with it – although with a bit less intensity.

My Goals for the Gateway Experience

My original goal with the Gateway Experience home program was to have an out of body experience. I’m able to lucid dream on a fairly regular basis, and I wanted to find out for myself if the OBE state is just another type of lucid dream. During the first month of listening to hemi sync I had two OBE episodes, but they were over almost as soon as they started. In the second month I had a longer episode but it still wasn’t enough to allow me to come to any firm conclusions. My current thinking is that the OBE state is closely linked to dream lucidity, but the former is more intense and allows for greater exploration possibilities. As I say though, I don’t have enough experience to form any firm judgments.

Anticlimax at Focus 21

The final two sessions in the Gateway Experience are devoted to focus 21. I had hoped that this would be a state of consciousness where I’d be able to go out of body at will. I do feel frustratingly close to something happening while in focus 21, but it is like there is something holding me back. I’m dealing with a bit of uncertainly in my life at the moment and maybe it is the tension related to this that is getting in the way. I’m also fairly sure that my unrealistic expectations are partly to blame. I was a bit spoiled with success in the first half of my Gateway Experience, and this all went to my head.

This journey has benefited me in ways that I hadn’t planned. I feel like I’m getting in touch with aspects of my inner world that I didn’t even know existed. Despite not managing any more OBEs (I haven’t even had a lucid dream in over a month). I keep experiencing flashes of images while in focus 21. I did experience some imagery in the earlier parts of the program but they were not as vivid as what I’m getting now. I suspect that these messages are coming directly from my subconscious, but only time will tell.

Future Plans with the Monroe Gateway Experience

I’ll continue using the Gateway Experience audio, but I’m going to cut down to one session a day. Maybe I was overdoing it, and that was why my results seemed to taper off near the end. In my rush to get to Focus 21 I was doing 5 sessions per day in the last two weeks. I will now cut back to one session per day and lower my expectations. I will continue to update here with my experiences.

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One thought on “Gateway Experience – Anticlimax at Focus 21

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this.

    I’m using the CDs I’m eager to use F21 now… ¿Can you tell me if now -years after this post- can you comment about F21 (or even F15)? Any advice… I’m doing several sessions per day too… not as much as you I guess, but I’m very enthusiast and I want to advence.

    I know that expectations are something we don’t have to really think about, but can you tell me what were your results, even when I know that this varies from person to person? Thanks a lot,


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