My Brand New Chapter

I’ve just launched a new website called I’ve created this site with the intention of inspiring people to take radical action to improve their life – of course, the person I most want to influence is myself.

A New Chapter

The Need for a Brand New Chapter

A couple of months ago I hit another rock-bottom in my life – I only realize this now. I sort of feel hesitant to use the term ‘rock-bottom’ – it wasn’t anything that dramatic, and it didn’t involve much suffering. In many ways my life felt great, but it just became impossible for me to continue along the same path.

I gave up alcohol in 2006, and I’ve been trying to create the best possible life for myself since then. The problem is that ‘trying’ isn’t the same as ‘doing’ – in fact, ‘trying’ means not doing. I’ve allowed negativity and fear to hold me back from reaching my potential. Worst of all, I’ve put up with periods of depression in much the same way as I once accepted alcoholism.

I’ve been cheating myself out of the life I deserve but no more – it is time for a brand new chapter in my life.

Hitting this new rock bottom has inspired me to take massive action to change my relationshihp with the universe. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to get things to where I want them to be. I’m done with trying and I’m done with excuses. I’m getting up off my arse and taking what I want from life – even if it kills me.

Join Me at Brand New Chapter will carry on as always – I will continue to cover a wide range of topics on here, and that’s not going to change. is going to be completely devoted to radical self-improvement.

I want this to inspire people to embrace massive positive action. This is not an ego thing for me. It is part of a larger project to continue the radical transformation in my own life. I’m going to work hard to provide quality content because I plan for this information to benefit me most of all.

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4 thoughts on “My Brand New Chapter

  1. Hi Paul , sine discovering you first on you tube , and then finding your websites , I continue to enjoy all of you produce . Even when not directly relevant to me at the time it is always interesting and thought provoking .
    I am also a recovered addict , like you say , recovering to me suggest an on going battle . I am not in a battle with my addiction , I decided the only way I win is to not fight , climb out of the ring and you no longer get beat up , simples. I climbed out of that ring 13 years ago . Though I still have to roll with some punches outside of it , learning to adjust to a world in which my new values and beliefs are not mainstream.

    Your new website is great , I look forward to the updates . I am studying with the open university for a degree at the moment , part time , done 4 years out of 6 . Some times the journey seems so long and hard , I start to feel overwhelmed and I need all the help and inspiration I can find to snap out of it and re focus , to enjoy the journey , just knowing I am on my way .

    The last 2 years of my study I have become increasingly interested in Thailand , although I have never been there , I am enjoying finding out about the culture and delighted to find a sober expats perspective on life . I have a little saved and could afford a holiday now , but I am using it as a reward incentive for my degree . I will go after the end of my next year .
    At the moment I only plan to focus on a stay of a few months as a holiday , but in the back of my mind is a scoping mission , the UK and myself don’t seem to gel to well these days , and I trust in myself more .
    I digress, I want say a big thank you , Paul , your hard work in your videos and your blogs is a big help and probably not rewarded as much as it should be .
    We are out here , you do have an effect , a positive one , so thanks .
    When I get to Thailand I sure would love to buy you a drink ! I hear an iced Mocha goes down well over there.
    All the very best to you and your family , keep up the much needed great work .
    Jim ,in Portsmouth UK.

    1. Hi Jim, great to hear from you and thanks for the wonderful comment. I’m never sure how my views come across to other people, so I appreciate the feedback.

      I’m sure you are going to have a great time if you come to Thailand for a few months. It should be a nice reward for all of your hard work.

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