Why Do People become Drunks?

There is nothing glamorous about the life of a drunk. It is heartbreaking to watch people destroy their lives this way. What could possibly be driving them to act like this? Where is the attraction? Are they just mad? Those people who have never falling into addiction may well find it hard to understand – you would need to have been there.

Being a Drunk Once Made Sense to Me

When I first began abusing alcohol in my teens it made perfect sense. I was shy and awkward, but this amazing chemical filled me with confidence and made it easy to be around people. Before finding alcohol my life was full of emotions that often felt unbearable but alcohol took all that away. When I first started drinking it really did seem to be the answer to all my problems, and for a long time it did seem to be working.

Those of us who fall into addiction are often doing so as a form of self-medication. Some of us are feeling the first effects of mental illness but find that alcohol brings some relief. The rest of us are just bored or uncomfortable with life and again alcohol helps fix this. The reason why people choose alcohol is that in the beginning it really does work.

Waiting for the Good Drinking Days to Return

By the time the disadvantages of alcohol outweighed he benefits I was already hooked mentally and physically. I could see how alcohol was destroying my life, but I felt powerless to quit. I also hoped that the good drinking days would return again if I just found the right combination of circumstances. I spent decades looking for the perfect bar, perfect place to live, and perfect job. Despite many attempts I was never able to make alcohol work for me again. By the time that I accepted that there was not one ounce of enjoyment left in booze I had lost almost everything.

I believe that a lot of those who become drunks do so because they are convinced that alcohol will make life easier to cope with. It is only when they fully accept that this drug can no longer do this that they can finally escape addiction.

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4 thoughts on “Why Do People become Drunks?

  1. Hey Paul,

    I am wondering, how much is it the physical dependency and how much is it the emotional attachment to the end result that makes it difficult to stop drinking?

    You are right about “Those that have never falling into addiction may well find it hard to understand – you would need to have been there.” Which is the reason I find it hard to understand why people just don’t take that first drink when they know they can’t stop. I think, there must be a chemical reaction that prevents them from stopping after they take the first drink, otherwise they would stop knowing the damage it could do.

    I’m afraid I will never understand, but I do have compassion for those that have this addiction.

  2. Hi Angelina, I found it very hard to think straight when in the midst of addiction. The cravings only added to my confused state and it was easy from me to be fooled into making illogical judgements. All I could remember was the good times. I found it hard to trust other people; inclduing those who were trying to help me. Alcohol had been my friend for so long.

  3. That sounds really interesting. I don’t know enough about Aboriginal culture but it is fascinating that you are using parts of it to treat addiction. I think you are right about the benefit of having addicts helping other addicts. Many of the monks at the temple where I go sober were ex-addicts. I always found it harder to trust those people who hadn’t been throught what I’d been through.

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