Trip to Savannakhet Laos

Building in Savannakhet

I just got back from a trip to Savannakhet in Laos. It’s a nice enough place, but I would have preferred to travel further into southern Laos. My four year old son already had enough of being stuck in a car so we ended up staying in Savannakhet for 3 days. There were a few nice restaurants, but nothing spectacular. The accommodation options are a bit limited, and the first place we stayed in was crawling with cockroaches. We ended up staying in an overpriced resort on the banks of the Mekong – nice view of the river though.

Mekong River From Savannakhet - Evening

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6 thoughts on “Trip to Savannakhet Laos

  1. Hi Paul. Such a short post! I, too, would love to learn more about your trip. I have been to Vientiane a few times and I know that it, and Luang Prabang have become hot tourist destinations in recent years. But I’ve always wanted to go to more remote parts off the beaten path. Would definitely be interested in learning more about your trip!

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