6 thoughts on “The I in Me is the I in You – Spiritual Insights Video

  1. I recognize this as true, but it’s often difficult to feel it. Intellectually, I understand that all sentient beings share the same conciousnesss, and that there is no goodness or evil in the world that is not part of me, but the barriers come up so quickly and easily in our everyday lives.

    1. It’s so convenient for me to make the distinction, to separate the me and the not me, even while I know that this separation is illusion.

    2. Hi Terry, it is so easy to get sucked back into the real world. It is not such a bad thing because our real word is to be enjoyed – the problem is that this is also where most of our suffering comes from. I think the thing about these insights is that they sort of come with us back into our everyday world – they change who we are and our relationship with the world.

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