Thank You Deezer for the Music

Update 26/04/2012 It has become more difficult to use Deezer in Thailand so I’ve cancelled my subscription. It is a bit of a shame because I liked the service.

One of the drawbacks of living in Thailand is that I miss out on some entertainment options that would be available back in Europe. One of the internet services that I’ve really been itching to get my hands on has been Spotify – a legal way to listen to millions of songs online with my computer or iPad. Unfortunately it has not been possible for me to subscribe to Spotify because I don’t have a UK bank account.

Deezer Music Streaming

Deezer offers a similar service to Spotify and charges roughly the same membership fee – for premium plus I get access to about 13 million songs. There really is no need for me to ever purchase more music. It is even possible to create playlists that can be listened to offline. I was able to sign up using my Irish credit card details and have begun their 15 day free trial – after that it is 9.99 GBP per month.

I had a good look around today at the Deezer music selection and I am impressed. I noticed that some important bands are missing such as the Beatles, and Oasis. I was also disappointed to find that they only had a small collection of songs by the Pixies. Still it is hard to complain about what is there. I love the radio stations and the ability to share music via social media. The biggest attraction for me is that it makes it so easy to discover new music – I can sort of feel out of the loop by living in Thailand.

I’ve always felt that if there were reasonable options available online it would eliminate music piracy. Options like Deezer and Spotify definitely seem to be the right way to go.

I will see how it goes over the next 15 days, but so far I am happy to give Deezer a huge thumbs up – thanks for the music.

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