Thai Kids Living With the Tiger

Living with the Tiger is a documentary that follows the plight of two Thai kids growing up with HIV. These are youngsters who have already lost parents to AIDS but are now trying to find a place back in society. With such material it might be expected that the filmmakers would create something a bit gloomy, but to their credit the final product is full of joy and hope. This movie is deserving of attention and Talen from Thailand Land of Smiles has challenged all of us bloggers to help promote it – he is even giving away prizes.

Thailand is known as a tolerant kind of place, but these kids have needed to face a lot of prejudice and fear. The film follows them as they attempt to integrate into a community in Lopburi; it isn’t always easy. The biggest challenge these youngsters face is getting others to see past the disease; we have been aware of HIV for three decades but there is still a lot of ignorance and irrational fears.

Living with the Tiger is the type of documentary that leaves us feeling inspired long after the credits are over. We all have our struggles; when we see people win against the odds it gives us courage too. There is a free screening of this movie in Bangkok and you can find out more about this by visiting Talen’s blog. Please go to his website and promote that post as best you can.

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