Some Thai Monks Might Disapprove of my Exercise Regime

I’m not sure which of the famous Thai monks said it, but one of them claimed that you had to be at least 50% crazy to be able to dance – I think that this was Ajahn Buddhadassa but I can’t be sure. I thought of this comment today while trying to dance my way to fitness. I exercise every day but try to change things around to keep it interesting. One of my favourite workouts is dancing; I stick on some of my favourite music and just let the music take me. I tend to have plenty of grunge and indie music on the playlist so the pulse is soon in cardiovascular mode.

I would be horrified if anyone ever saw me dancing alone in my room; I usually put a chair against my office door in case my son or wife tries to come in. Despite the shame factor though I think that it is a great way to exercise; I usually get a bit lost in the music and don’t even notice that I’m working out. I work all day on the computer so I need to exercise regularly. Making it a bit more fun occasionally ensures that I keep at it. Even on those days when I really don’t want to do anything I can usually talk myself into a bit of solo moshing.

The Thai monks might be right about needing to be half crazy to dance; I’ve never made claims to be the full shilling anyway. I am determined to get back to full fitness though, and this is one way of doing it. Philosophically I may be in the Buddhist camp but in this instance I’ll follow the example of the dancing priest in Father Ted.

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6 thoughts on “Some Thai Monks Might Disapprove of my Exercise Regime

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  2. Paul, reading your post I had a picture circulating around the walnut (very small one as well)inside my head. It was the scene of a Thai lady furiously trying to open the door to her bedroom and screaming at the top of her voice.

    “Hus…band, you have lady inside our loom. I know you boom boom she many time before. Bad man you. Now I take car city and sell big money. Me family go Phuket.”

    I’m sure the image inside my nut wasn’t of your wife because her English is probably quite good.

    When I flick through the TV channels in Thai hotels or sometimes at our village house I always seem to hit on the Australian ( I think they’re Australian) aerobic girls doing their workout against the backdrop of some quayside or big city park. They sure look good but their workout doesn’t seem up to much. I’m sure your dance technique sucks out many more calories.

    Dancing is like dreaming with your feet…..Constanze.

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