Reviews of Dead Drunk; Saving Myself from Addiction in Thai Monastery

Here are just some of the nice things people have said about my book Dead Drunk; Saving Myself from Addiction in a Thai Temple.

…excellent book that will be helpful to others considering treatment…

Mike Sarson (East West Detox – UK)

I really thought it was excellent; as someone with a very similar history I thought you were very insightful into alcoholism and the whole account had a nice feeling of humility about it – it’s a tough subject and there are no glib answers.

Nick (UK)

Absolutely fantastic read I can’t put it down

Aisling (Galway Ireland)

Just finshed readin ur book brilliant well told can relate to i gd few things in it fair play to u paul.
Shane (Dublin, Ireland)

I just finished your book…couldn’t put it down till I’d finished it…I marked several points in it that reminded me of myself and it was wonderful to feel that ‘hey I’m not the only one who does things like that, or feels like that!’….it filled me with hope…I believe we are all addicts of one kind or another.

Dara (Dublin, Ireland)

Just finished reading Dead Drunk by Paul Garrigan. Inspiring tale of recovery from addiction with an upbeat tone. A very good read.

Jane (UK)

Started your book today, already in it 100 pages, I love it! Great read, bought it via a UK bookseller (via Amazon) after finding your tweets. I so glad I did, if there’s anyway to promote your book in the states I’d be pleased to do it.

Bob L (USA)

I picked up your book in Dublin airport and found it hard to let the book down – it was such a gripping and honest story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing it with us and congratulations on all your achievements and good luck on your journey.


A well written self examination, with the insight that maturity and sobriety brings.

Lang Reid (Chiang Mai Mail)

‘It’s a great story’

Martin King The Morning Show (TV3)

Writing with unflinching honesty and humility…Short, approachable chapters and simple yet effective writing help keep the pages turning on what is an at times sad and poignant tale

Ronan Smith (Amazon Review)

I bought his book and read it from cover to cover. Transfixed. Paul has the writer’s knack. No doubt.

Catherine (Cat) Wentworth (Women Learning Thai)

Dead Drunk is a story of survival; Paul Garrigan’s survival. It is also a testimony to the powers any addict can command so that they quit their addiction and start living a good and healthy life. More importantly, it’s a story of lost and found hope. It’s a painfully honest story written from the heart of a man who’s seen the dark side of human kind, but who had the strength to find his way back to light.

Mihnea Simandan
Romanian Journalist and Reviewer

A great book Paul and I appreciate you sharing your story. It was so good I’ve read it within a week…I usually dawdle through books but I couldn’t wait to read the next stage of your journey.
I certainly have taken on board a lot of wisdom from you..thank you

Rich from Warwickshire

Congratulations on Dead Drunk – it’s a brilliant book and I read it in one. I hope it inspires many others to address some of their problems. It must make you feel so proud to see it on airport bookshelves!! (I got it at BKK). Well done. I think this book is an excellent resource for students in the health professions.

Dr Margaret Harris PhD, BHSc, DipAppSc RN Academic, The University of Newcastle, Australia

I really enjoyed it – both your personal story and the way you tell it. I laughed and cried at times.

For more information about Dead Drunk read here.

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4 thoughts on “Reviews of Dead Drunk; Saving Myself from Addiction in Thai Monastery

  1. I got here through Twitter from one of Richard Barrow’s Tweets.

    Congratulations of getting your book published (and for staying sober 🙂 )

    I think the story of how you went about getting a book published in Thailand would make a great post, or series of posts.

    1. Hi Aaron, thanks for dropping by for a visit. Dead Drunk was released by an Irish publisher called Maverick House. I do also have a little experience with Thai publishers as well. The story of how my book ended up being released is an amazing one though (at least I think so), and I have alluded to it in different posts elsewhere. I just kept on bumping into the right people at the right time and getting the right encouragement when I needed it. I will write about it more fully some time.

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