Was One Year Old Yesterday

I’m a day late with my website birthday celebrations. My mind has been distracted with trying to get over my latest Muay Thai injuries – trust me, sore ribs are no fun. Anyway, it was one year ago yesterday that I launched this website. So much has happened over the last 12 months, and I’ve managed to document a lot of it here. One of the nice things about a blog is that it acts like a treasure chest for memories.

I would like to thank all my visitors for supporting this website. The coolest thing about writing on the web is that I get to meet such interesting people. I hope that you will all continue to visit during the second year of

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14 thoughts on “ Was One Year Old Yesterday

  1. Count on me – I’ll be here. Hope you recover. I was watching some muay thai fights on youtube – wicked stuff Paul. Great blog, enjoy reading and hearing your podcasts sometimes too. Cheers man…

    1. Thanks Mike. Muay Thai is tough for sure. I can’t imagine how professional fighters manage to keep going year after year. Most of the Thai fighters train all year round and will have hundreds of fights in their career. It is hard to imagine a life where you are always recovering from injuries and preparing to fight again.

  2. I think of life as essentially – just that. We roll with the punches everyday. They don’t hurt physically – but mentally they take their toll just the same, or worse. Everything is painful… attachment to things is pain.

    No, me neither – a life of physical fighting? I fought a lot when I was in the Air Force years ago. Lifted weights to get big and my ego swelled with it. I never physically started the fights… but I guess I provoked them. I was a cocky bastar*.

    Now I’m all mellowed out for the most part… You believe that? lol…

  3. Paul congratulations on reaching the one year landmark for, you’ve put out some great posts during those 12 months and I hope you keep them coming.

    With your Muay Thai training now in full swing I take it you only had a small slice of the birthday cake.

  4. Happy belated birthday ! You’ve achieved so much in such a short time. Congratulations on such a wonderful blog and your personal pursuits.

  5. Congratulations on one year, Paul. I’m glad you felt like you’ve met interesting people blogging; that’s exactly how I feel as well! It’s nice to have interesting friends all over the world.

    Best regards,

  6. helllo Paul,
    it always a pleasure to read your post, and you can count on me to be there for this blog’new year is coming. I hope your muay thai doesn’t hurt you to blowing this huge candle.
    see you sooner throught your wonderfull thailand ‘post. Eric

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