Lots More Energy with Weekly Juice Fasts

Juice fasting

It is now over a month since the end of my 30 day juice fast, and I am delighted with the results. I’ve lost a further 2.6 kg (5.7 pounds), and according the BMI, my weight is now in the normal range at 24.9. Best of all, I’m continuing to enjoy high energy levels, and it has made it possible for me to take on a new commitments such as my challenge to speak fluent Thai within six months. I’m so impressed with the results of my juice fasts that I intend to do them for 2/3 days every week for the foreseeable future.

What Happened after My 30 Day Juice Fast

By the end of my 30 day juice fast last month, my weight had fallen from 87kg (192 pounds) to 76.8kg (169 pounds). I was expecting some of this weight to return after the fast, and I did gain 1.4kg (almost 4 pounds) in the two weeks after the fast. I started exercising for 80 minutes a day – this involved skipping (jump rope) and walking on the beach or a step workout at home (I have a small sturdy stool I use for this) – and this caused my weight to stabilize.

I’ve been sticking to an 18:6 diet where I only eat between midday and 18:00. I’m not sure how effective this has been for controlling my weight, but it is much easier than 5:2 fasting where I didn’t eat at all for two days a week. I’ll continue with 18:6 fasting for the time being, but I might give it up once my weight has stabilized at around 73kg.

Weight loss

My current weight is 74.2kg (163 pounds), which is great, but I would like to lose another couple of kg and keep it there. I read somewhere that if I can keep the weight off for a year, it resets the body so it becomes much easier to sustain. I’m not sure if there is much truth in this, but it is as good a goal as any. I’m only interested in losing weight if I can keep it off long-term – I’m fed up with yo-yo dieting.

Weekly Juice Fasts

I just completed a three-day juice fast, and I plan to continue with these roughly every seven days. I will probably cut this down to two-day fasts once my weight is under 73kg. I love the increased energy I experience from juicing, and it just makes me feel healthier and lighter. I’ve started to look forward to these fasts, and it doesn’t feel like any type of sacrifice – it is sort of like stepping into a warm hot bath after you’ve been crawling around in the mud for a few days (not that I’ve ever experienced this exactly).

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6 thoughts on “Lots More Energy with Weekly Juice Fasts

  1. How did your energy feel Paul, after the recent 3 day juice fast? 3 days is much more doable for many people, as opposed to the really marathon 30 day fast. I eat healthy enough as it is, raw juice, and vegetarian Monday to Saturday, so a 3 day juice fast would be the next logical step. Could I expect to feel more energy with just a 3 day juice fast. Indeed it could give me more energy for my Krav Maga Thailand self defense class here in Pattaya.


    1. Hi Gerry, I’ve noticed a definite increase in my energy levels after the 3-day fast. I think that is going to be enough for most people – especially someone like who eats well anyway.

      I don’t know if there is much difference in improved energy levels between a 15 day and 30 day fast. I suspect that under 15 days is probably optimal but longer than that is good for weight-loss.

  2. This is good stuff Paul.

    I have done a eight week live cleanse, a gallbladder cleanse and i juice a lot, but I have never done a three day juice fast.

    Could you spell it out for me. For example, what times of the day, did you take any vitamins, did you drink water, etc.

    Thanks Paul

    1. Hi Lee, I drink three liters of juice over the course of the day. I try to spread it out so that I’ve still got something to drink in the late afternoon. I drink as much water as I want. If I’m only doing the fast to control my weight, I allow myself black coffee.

  3. Hi Paul, I want to tell you what a comfort your podcast has been to me while confronting my, er, “alcohol enthusiasm.” The 12-step thing is not for me, and indeed in the US — depending on the meeting – it can and has been dangerous for women (there were a couple of recent murders and 13-stepping. I realize it’s useful for some, but not for me. I have attended SMART, which is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but I like your approach of not making alcohol such an issue. Anyway, I am stopping again starting today by staying home (my apartment complex has a gym, jacuzzi, pool, and no place to by alcohol!) I ordered a seven-day juice cleanse (done it before) that consists of green juice, protein shakes and detox soup to be consumed at specific times. Your juicing is inspiring! I don’t have any serious withdrawal, just tired of feeling foggy and stupid. Keep up the great work!

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