Life is Great When I Stop Trying to Micromanage the Universe

So here we are at the end of 2012. It has been a tough year for me, but I’m certain that a great deal of good has come out of this discomfort. I feel excited about 2013 because I know that my success this year is completely in my own hands – not because I’m able to micromanage the universe but because I have finally accepted that real inner peace comes from liking what I’ve got now and not what I want in the future.

I am back in Ireland at the moment, and it has been so nice to be here during December. This could be my son’s only experience of an Irish Christmas so we made the most out of it – we all had a great time. We return to Thailand next week and I expect to feel a bit of sadness because the holiday wasn’t a bit longer (from experience I know that this is the best feeling to have when leaving home, and it sure beats leaving under a cloud and swearing that you’ll never return again).

I’ve been walking about three hours a day, and this has given me a great opportunity to do a bit of a personal inventory. In this video I discuss some of the things that I’ve concluded. You will find the podcast of this episode under the video – just press play.

Happy New Year Friends!

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