Letting Go is the Key to Life

In this podcast and video, I discuss the approach to life that has helped me the most. I’ve found that letting go is the key to success and inner peace. Press play to watch the video. The podcast of this episode is below.

Press play to listen to the podcast:

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4 thoughts on “Letting Go is the Key to Life

  1. Very inspirational Paul.
    By the way; a bit pity you don’t podcast outdoors anymore.
    I would love to see your German neighbour popping up in the back and asking: How vast iz yoer Waivai? 😉

  2. Yes, letting go is a good cure for many problems including alcohol addiction. The only thing is that, unfortunately, to let go, lots of people need… alcohol (that’s why they drink, actually). So, we have a vicious circle…
    That’s why I admire people who nevertheless could give up drinking – like the author of this blog.
    Alex Polishchuk recently posted..About the blog and the blogger

    1. Hi Alex, I can see what you mean about using alcohol to let go. I used to view alcohol as my free pass through life. I found that there is a different type of letting go though, one that does not come with the negative side-effects of addiction.

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