Leaving Minburi

It is now less than two days to go until we leave Minburi and move to Rayong. They say that moving house is one of the most stressful challenges in life, but I don’t feel particularly feel stressed at the moment – although for the last few days I’ve woken up at 4 am and then been unable to fall back to sleep. Oa has been a real diamond, and she has taken on most of the work involved in this move. She began packing over a month ago, so there isn’t that much left to do. Timmy has his last day in school here tomorrow, and we’ve arranged a moving truck to come at 7am on Saturday.

Why is a Minburi Moving Company So Cheap?

Oa found a moving company here in Minburi that has agreed to take all of our stuff the 180km to Rayong for just 4,000 THB (105 Euro or $135 US). This seems incredibly cheap to me – we paid 6,000 THB three years ago when we moved to here from Lopburi. I hope they don’t decide that it is more cost effective for them to take our belongings and just sell them. We’ll be driving down in the car, so they could be going in the opposite direction for all we know. Oa feels confident that there is no need to worry, but she has suggested that I take a photo of the trucks number plate just in case.


Goodbye to Our House in Minburi

I really wish we could take this house in Minburi with us. I’ve loved living here, and I’d be happy to stay here forever if we were in a better location. The new house has only two-bedrooms, and it is much smaller than this one. The garden here is also much bigger that then what we will be getting at the new place. It is going to be sad to leave here, but I’m definitely looking forward to living beside the beach – exciting days.

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