I’m So Bored with Thai Politics

I hate politics – it’s almost as boring as football. I view politicians as a necessary evil, and I treat anyone with a plan for saving humanity as highly dangerous. If people put half as much effort into sorting out their own life as they did into obsessing about politics… well, I bet we’d be much better off.

free and fair elections

When I’m forced to think about politics, my mind always drifts to the movie ‘Moon over Parador’. In this 1988 comedy, the dictator decides to allow ‘free and fair’ elections. He creates two political parties – white and blue – and lets everyone vote for their favorite – but he is the leader of both of these parties. This is what always happens in elections, you still end up with career politicians running the show no matter who you vote for.

I’m sure that those people who get obsessed with politics actually believe that their side is going to improve the world. It doesn’t happen because we always get the politicians we deserve. If we want to improve our world, we have to improve ourselves first of all. Trying to fix a country by changing the politicians is like trying to fix a crumbling house by sticking a new chimney on the roof.

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3 thoughts on “I’m So Bored with Thai Politics

    1. It has become a form of entertainment for a lot of people Lani – just like watching soaps on TV but real people get hurt. I suppose by promoting the news on social media we get to feel part of the action – just like armchair football fans who belive they are out there on the pitch with their favorite team. It just makes me feel sad.

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