How to Stop Treating Life like Fight You Need to Win

It seems so obvious to me now that most of my struggles in life have been completely unnecessary. I was like a delusional person sitting on an airplane, and frantically flapping his arms to keep the craft flying โ€“ these efforts are not only useless but they ruin the experience flying for everyone involved. In this video and podcast, I discuss how to stop treating life like a fight you need to win.

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6 thoughts on “How to Stop Treating Life like Fight You Need to Win

  1. Hi Paul, looking forward to your book! As I recently read, those struggling thoughts are like a loudmouth in an oarless boat. That image helped me to finally get the futility of it all. I also use a phrase from a Buddhist teacher, “Right now, it’s like this”. Helps me to get down to what’s really going on without the added craziness of the obsessing mind. Congratulations on your success as a writer and meditation teacher.

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