How to Escape Financial Worry Forever

I’m a complete disaster when it comes to managing money. I’m usually only one month away from being broke. When I do have a bit of extra cash, it just burns a hole in my pocket, so I’m never able to get ahead. In my last post, I described how money worries have been a real threat to my mental health – it has almost driven me into a deep depression more than once. You could say that my disastrous history with managing my income doesn’t make me the obvious choice for financial advice, but I would argue that my experiences have given me some useful insights into dealing with financial worry.

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100% Effective Cure for Financial Worry

I’ve found the cure for financial worry. It is 100% effective and completely free. In order to benefit from this solution, there is no need to buy any self-help books or join any course. It’s as simple as falling off a log. All that is required is the willingness to see the log, and you also need to have the faith to allow yourself to fall off it. This is an incredibly simple solution that has the power to positively impact almost every area of our life. I’m still experimenting with these ideas, but I’m already convinced that they are the solution to my financial worries – in fact, all my worries.

Please Don’t Tell Me to Let Go of Financial Fear

The secret to overcoming financial fear is to just let it go. I know this probably sounds like the most stupid platitude ever, but it really is the answer. The only reason it sounds like crap advice is we assume it is the same as telling us to ‘be happy’ or to ‘cheer up’ – the type of suggestion that just makes us feel worse. The mistake we make is we assume we are being asked to do something when in fact we are being asked not to do something. Letting go is not about sacrificing something we like – which hardly ever works – it is all about not doing something that is fucking up our life and making us miserable.

Will the World Keep Spinning If I Let Go?

I’ve never been tested, but I suspect that I’m exceptionally skilled when it comes to thinking. I can spend hours mulling over any old shit that happens to pop into my head. If thinking about things was the path to success, I would have been living on my own private island, in a castle made of pure gold, by the time I was seven. Thinking about things hasn’t benefited me in any way because there is a total idiot in charge of my internal dialogue. I only have to observe my thoughts for a couple of minutes to know that there is nothing useful there. Worst of all, this steam of thoughts is usually full of negative crap designed to belittle me. The idea that listening to this cacophony of idiocy is going to somehow make my life better is a joke. It is this that I’m talking about letting go of.

Letting go of nonsense in my head is not about trying to fight these thoughts. There is actually plenty of good stuff in there, but the best thoughts tend to be a bit shy. These helpful ideas are a bit selective about the company they keep, and they keep a low profile when all the useless thoughts are yapping away. This means that when I try to think my way out of problems, I’m creating the worst possible environment for the arrival of a solution.

Letting go of financial worry is all about recognizing what is real. It is the realization that the soundtrack in my brain is mostly made up of nonsense, so there is no point in going there for answers. If I let go though, it can make some space for a good solution to appear.

Letting Go of Nothing is Incredibly Easy

The most amazing thing about letting go of financial worry is that the thing we are letting go of doesn’t even exist. We spend most of our time worrying about shit that isn’t going to happen anyway. It is our thoughts that create unrealistic expectations for life, and it is our thoughts that make us feel like losers for failing to achieve these expectations. It is our thoughts that create an image of who we should be and then not only makes it impossible for us to be that way but also berates us for not being that way. It isn’t that these thoughts are bad or evil – it is just that we are silly enough to take them seriously. It is like putting your life in the hands of a toddler who is suffering from a serious personality disorder.

I get on much better with my internal dialogue when I view it as a source of entertainment rather than a wise adviser. Instead of trying to think my way out of problems, I try to let go. Every time I do this, a solution becomes obvious to me at most within a few days. So instead of worrying about my finances, which won’t help in any way, I just have faith that I’ll do the right things at the right time. Whatever happens, I’m going to end up with a much better outcome than I would achieve by worrying.

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9 thoughts on “How to Escape Financial Worry Forever

  1. Another interesting post, Paul. I’m pretty certain you have been involved in Buddhism during your life, as a lot of this sounds like Buddhist mentality. I really loved Buddhism when I first discovered it, though I have grown a little despondent about it since I have lived in Thailand, which seems strange, considering that Thailand is a Buddhist country. But getting back to the core concepts of Buddhism, I am reminded what a great tool to improve our lives it is.
    Let go, live in the moment, be happy!
    Ryan recently posted..Asarnha Bucha Day – Buddhist Holiday Thailand

    1. Hi Ryan, I no longer really see myself as a Buddhist, but I’ve definitely been inspired by these teachings. I would say though that this message of letting go is found in lots of philosophies. I’ve been hearing about the wonders of letting go from Christians, Buddhists, non-dualists, new agers, and Taoists, but it was only the pain of life that taught me how to really let go.

  2. I read somewhere that worrying is fantasising in the wrong direction.
    Is it perhaps therefore that some businessmen and artists are simply not able to retire. Fantasising about the next success/creation and the admiration and/or financial gains involved stops them from worrying about all the bad things that can happen like old age illnesses, their selfimage and cash situation.
    Look at the Rolling Stones 😉
    I-nomad recently posted..Bua Ban: Chiang Rai’s rising star

  3. Ha ha, with his money he can live forever I guess.
    Yet, why didn’t they retire some decades ago?
    It has to be about the kick giving self-esteem. More important than money in their case 😉
    Yet the amount of worrying wether at a certain point their concerts are just visited by a few old fools has to be similar to the worrying about wether in the future we will be able to support ourselves and our loved ones..
    I-nomad recently posted..Bua Ban: Chiang Rai’s rising star

    1. I suppose the same could be said for people like Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart. I suppose it is good that these guys prove we can still be productive long into old age.

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