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I gave up alcohol at a detox temple called Thamkrabok, and this is the first destination I recommend to anyone considering Thailand as a venue for addiction treatment. It is a wonderful program, and I owe it my life. I also know from email exchanges with readers of my blog that this is not an option that appeals to everyone – I also realize there are some ex-patients who just weren’t able to get what they needed at Thamkrabok. To these people I would like to suggest Hope Rehab Thailand


Why Do I Recommend Hope Rehab Thailand?

I work part-time at Hope Rehab as a mindfulness coach, and this has given me the opportunity to assess the program and the facilities firsthand. My opinion is obviously going to be biased, but I am impressed by what they offer.

Simon Mott is the founder of Hope Rehab. I first met him a few months ago at his office in Sri Racha. I get cynical about the western approach to addiction, but he clearly explained the benefits of his program. I did try to be argumentative, but there was nothing he was saying that I could disagree with. Simon is not only an addiction expert, but also a recovering heroin addict – this isn’t just a job for him. The thing that most impressed me was his emphasis on mindfulness training because it is this more than anything else that has allowed me to build a wonderful life free of alcohol.

Hope Rehab is located in Sri Racha in a secluded area on a hill overlooking the sea – the clients have a nice spacious balcony where they can chill-out and admire the view. The amenities are similar to what you would see in a nice resort – there is a swimming pool, gym, meditation room, and landscaped gardens. It’s not like any rehab I ever went to. It feels a bit like a family because the therapists and clients eat and socialize together

You can contact me at info@paulgarrigan.com to find out more.

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