Give up Alcohol and Feel Deprived?

In this video I discuss the feelings of unfairness can come up when we give up alcohol or drugs. I’d only been drinking for a couple of years before I began getting into trouble, and it did annoy me that other drunks were able to get away with this behavior for decades. It was only when I realized that this life had nothing to offer me that I no longer felt any sense of being deprived.

The podcast edition of this episode is just below the video.

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4 thoughts on “Give up Alcohol and Feel Deprived?

  1. Only before I gave up drinking did I think about how unfair it all was that I wouldn’t be able to drink or use drugs again. But after I gave it up and started feeling good about myself, I never felt deprived of anything, only thankful to have gotten out of that vicious cycle alive. I’ve gained everything, and lost nothing, unless you count things like hangovers and having to apologize for my drunken behavior.

      1. Alcohol actually did make me feel better about myself for many years, and I loved and actively pursued that feeling. But as I got older, the alcohol stopped working its magic and I started feeling worse when I drank. I gave it up in the course of a year, drinking less and less and feeling the ill effects when I indulged until I just couldn’t see the point anymore. Sober only about two years now, but I’m much more content with my life than I can ever remember being. I no longer have the desire to drink that I once did. Being in love with a hard-headed non-drinking Thai woman and raising a son also helped in the equation.

        1. Hi Terry, my drinking was more a problem for other people than it was for me in the beginning. I thought it was magical stuff because it felt like I’d been given a free pass for life – I loved feeling numb. As you say though, things got worse over time. My wife is a non-drinker as well, and she has been a rock. I’m so glad that my son is never going to see my drinking alcohol.

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