Getting Back in Shape

During these periods of my life when I let things slide physically it also affects me mentally. I just feel sluggish and generally lacking in energy when I’m unfit. I did not get sober to feel bad so this means it is important for me to stay in shape. As well as exercise I have also found that meditation is another thing that I need to do to feel like I’m on top of things. I’m forty with a history of heart disease in the family so letting myself go is dangerous.

Turning Into a Fatty

During the last few months I have let things go a bit. I was back in Ireland to publicize my book and since returning to Thailand I haven’t been able to establish an exercise routine. This has not been helped by the fact we moved house last week. Well enough is enough, and it is now my goal to get back in shape. Over the last few months I have put on about 7 kilograms and the scales this morning showed 81.4kg, which looks bad with my physique. I would probably get away with this extra fat back in Europe but the fact that Thailand is so hot makes it harder to hide with clothes.

Last year I managed to keep my weight at less than 73kg for almost the whole year. It didn’t seem to take much effort. I got in the habit of exercising daily and I watched what I was eating. Over the last few months I have slipped into eating junk food again and hardly ever exercising. Well I plan for this to all change and from tomorrow I will work to get back into shape.

One of the nice things about our new home is that I’m able to stick a punch bag up outside. I have always loved messing around on the bag and this will now be part of my effort to get back into shape. There is also an outside swimming pool within walking distance and I intend to use that regularly too. I will keep myself real by reporting regularly here on the blog. My aim is to get back down to 73kg and develop a regular exercise plan again. I also hope to get fully back into a daily meditation practice again as well.

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