From Intermittent Fasting to Juice Feasting

In a post last week I mentioned some changes that I wanted to make to my 5:2 intermittent diet. Instead of eating only one meal of 600 calories on my two fasting days I intended to drink juice instead. These changes seemed necessary because I was beginning to struggle with the 5:2 diet after 7 weeks of it.

My first juice fasting day was Monday and things went so well that I just kept going until Friday. I’m pleased with the results of my first juice fast, and this is something that I plan to do again soon. I lost about 1.5 kg but I don’t see this as a viable way to control my weight. It did make a difference to my energy levels, and I just feel healthier afterwards. I have a history of being initially enthusiastic with new health regimes but then losing interest, but I am optimistic about juicing.

Juice Fasting or Juice Feasting

I’ve fasted for 14 days in the last couple of months and juicing does feel more like feasting than fasting. I was drinking over 2 liters of vegetable juice per day plus half a liter of fruit juice so I never felt hungry – or at least I didn’t until Friday. I did some wild experiments with vegetable mixes and these concoctions weren’t always that tasty, but I had no problem drinking them. On the second morning I woke up with what felt like hangover symptoms, something I haven’t experienced in over six years, but this only lasted about 10 minutes. One of the other downsides of juicing was that I developed diarrhea, but apparently this settles down on a longer juice feast.

On Friday I started to feel a bit strange (tired and unable to concentrate) so I stopped the juice fast right there. I hadn’t planned to go that long any way so there was no sense of failure. I think it would have been a mistake to overdo it on the first fast, but I am curious to see what will happen if I go longer next time. My body just felt younger and more fell of energy after the fast so it definitely seemed a worthwhile thing to do.

I’m going to be better prepared for my next juice feast, and I might try for 10 days. This seems to be a good length of time to get most of the benefits of this type of detox. If I could manage this type of fast twice a year it would probably go a long way towards staying healthy – so long as I don’t eat junk all the time in between.

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5 thoughts on “From Intermittent Fasting to Juice Feasting

  1. Paul! Have you ever considered adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet (vegan) instead of depriving your body of food? I’ve switched to a vegan diet and have lost weight, feel great and is most closely aligned with compassion.

    1. Hi Amy, I’ve been planning to move to a vegan diet for years. I’ve spent long periods as a vegetarian, but my problem is that I tend to eat badly. I worry that if I turn vegan my lack of diet discipline will mean nutritional deficiencies.

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