Free From Addiction

In the video below I discuss how it is possible to get completely free from addiction. Of course this does not mean that substance abusers will ever be able to drink or use drugs like the fabled normal person. What I’m talking about is the ability to draw a line under addiction and know for a certainty that it will never be a problem again. It means living a sober life without the feeling of having given anything up – no sense of deprivation. I’m not suggestion living sober one day at a time but of just saying enough already.

There are almost certainly addicts out there who will not consider giving up their behaviour because they are convinced that it will never be possible for them to be free of addiction. The idea of white knuckle sobriety where we have to fight for each sober day is not an attractive proposition. The good news is that complete freedom from substance abuse is problem. When we remove the option of relapse it means that staying sober becomes incredibly easy. We will still have to find a way to cope with the ups and downs of life but alcohol and drugs will no longer be an option.

Press play below to watch the video.

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