Evening Walks on Mae Ramphung Beach, Rayong

Since moving to Rayong two months ago, I’ve been able to go walking on Mae Ramphung Beach each evening. I absolutely love it, and it has become something to look forward to after a day staring at the computer screen. I walk for at least 90 minutes, and for most of the way I’m barefoot and moving through water. It is incredibly relaxing. It does not matter how I’m feeling when I first arrive for my walk because I always leave in a good mood.


I’m becoming familiar with the sights and sounds of Mae Ramphung, but the beach looks different every time I visit. It’s going to be fascinating to see how it changes over the year. The beach is at its most beautiful when the tide because then there is miles of almost-unspoilt sand. Mae Ramphung is less attractive when the tide is in because the small stretch of sand that is left is mostly covered in junk. On the weekdays the beach can be practically empty, but it can get really busy at the weekends and bank holidays.

Walking with my Father on the Beach

I haven’t always appreciate beach walking. I grew up beside the sea, so it was just something that I just took for granted. My dad loved walking, and he would expect me to go with him for long treks along the beach. I looked upon this as a chore, and there were times when I resented having to go with him. It is only now, many years later, that I can see that these were among the most precious times we had together. My father would use these walks as a chance to share his views on life, but at the time I mistook this for lecturing.

I can now see that there is something really special about walking beside the sea. Maybe it has to do with being so close to something so vast and powerful – it puts my life into perspective. The movement of the waves has a calming effect on my mind, and the sea air is invigorating. Most of the people who I see while walking on the beach are smiling, and this only adds to the feeling of rightness. I think humans need to connect with nature on a regular basis and these walks are a great way to do that.

Mae Rampheung Rayong

Mae Ramphung Beach Has Healed My Eyesight

One of the unexpected outcomes of my evening walks is that it appears to have improved my eyesight. I no longer need to use glasses when working on the computer. I’m not suggesting that anything miraculous has happened, but I think it has something to do with how the eyes work. I remember reading somewhere that computer screens are damaging because we are constantly focused on something close to our eyes. My walks on Mae Ramphung mean that my eyes have the chance to focus on objects further away – so it must be counterbalancing the effects of staring at the computer all day, and this is causing my eyesight to improve.

My First Morning Walk

My work schedule is a bit messed up at the moment, so I decided to go for a walk first thing this morning. There was a bit of light rain, but there was a lovely cool wind. I’m hoping that walking in the morning will improve my concentration, but I’ll see how it goes. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll just return to walking in the evening.

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2 thoughts on “Evening Walks on Mae Ramphung Beach, Rayong

  1. I hope you take little Timmy on your walks with you, too, sometimes.

    Remembering your walks with your father is special, and wouldn’t it be wonderful for Timmy to have special memories with his dad, as well.

    I also live near a long beach, though not a 90 minute walk’s worth. I love living next to the water and if I ever live in Thailand again, I’d like a setup similar to yours. Glad it’s working out well. 🙂

    1. Hi Amy, he goes about once a week. My wife is typically Thai, and she worries about him going too brown 🙂
      I love being back beside the beach. I think I’d be happy to live here for the rest of my life.

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