Blowout on Day 10 of My Juice Fast

I had hoped to make to complete a 15 day juice fast, but I decided to end it yesterday on day 10. I don’t regret that decision. The last three days were tough, but by yesterday afternoon I was starting to feel physically ill. I was driving to pick up my son from school, and I felt weak and unable to concentrate. It would have been reckless for me to continue because my body was sending plenty of signals that it had enough by that stage.

I can’t even remember why I picked 15 days for this juice fast – it just seemed like a reasonable amount of time. My goal here was not weight loss – although I did lose 2.6 kg (nearly 6 pounds). I just wanted to give my body a bit of a detox, and I could have probably achieved that in 5 days. I’ve heard of other people who’ve managed 100 day juice fasts, so I didn’t view my 15 day goal as particularly ambitious.

Lessons from this Juice Fast

I had planned to do another 15 day juice fast in January, but I’m no longer so eager to do this. I don’t want a repeat performance of the last few days. I’m convinced that the reason for why things proved so hard at the end was the ingredients in my juices. I wanted to keep costs to a minimum so I was buying the cheapest vegetables available rather than figuring out what I actually needed nutritionally. I can be quite pig headed, and the fact that I felt good for the first week made me overconfident.

As I say, I don’t regret ending the fast early, but I do feel like it’s been a bit of an anti climax. I had this vision of ending the fast with a real sense of achievement. Instead I ended up having to stuff food in my mouth so that I wouldn’t crash the car while taking my son home from school. I do feel physically better as a result of the juice fast, and it is great to be back eating again.

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10 thoughts on “Blowout on Day 10 of My Juice Fast

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  3. Hello Paul, I do not think the diet you’ve tried with mixed vegetables, fruit is healthy and that you posses write that you were tired and lethargic. Glad you stopped! Without fat you become depressed. I live here in Bangkok while I follow a diet called LCHF (low in carbohydrates and high in fat). Where I come from, Sweden, is currently a war going on between the two camps. Those who claim that you need carbohydrates and those who do not. Carbohydrates are not essential for us! The more of these you cut down on … the better. Personally, I eat right now max 20 grams (carbs) per day. In my case, because I want to lose weight. For you and all the others I recomend this site:
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  4. Good to hear!
    Be prepared for one dazed new way of looking at what we eat!
    Everything, absolutely everything, what you and I and everyone else has believed to be good and useful in quake fact a big scam! A paradigm shift is underway in what we have been taught. The Earth is not flat, the sun does not rotate around the earth … !
    All I would say is that you probably will get you some food for thought just like me.
    It is an interesting area this with nutrition.
    Merry Christmas

  5. Watch the video interview below link and scroll on!
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    If this day looks the same as last year at this day without doing something about it … only I can change it … no repetitions, no more anxiety!

    Thanks btw for your book!

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