A Day at Bangkok Beach in Siam Park

I was inspired by another Thailand based blogger (see link below) to visit Siam Park with my wife and son yesterday. This attraction is only a fifteen minute drive from where we live; we pass it about once a week. I’ve wanted to visit this water park for a while now but put it off because I wasn’t sure that my son would be old enough to enjoy it – he’s only three. We have been to Dream World and had a great time but he can be a bit fickle when it comes to swimming pools.

We arrived at Siam Park just before ten in the morning. The car park was almost empty so that made things a bit easier. The entrance area looks similar to Dream World with a type of fairytale castle appearance. My son got all excited as soon as he saw this; he knew we were going somewhere nice. We ended up buying two 300 THB tickets for all the rides in Fantasy World and Family World; we didn’t have to pay from my son because he is less than 100cm.

The park itself seemed a lot quieter than Dream World; none of the rides were open when we arrived. Apparently the Siam Lagoon opens at 10:00 but the rest of the park doesn’t open until 11:00. We didn’t know this at the time so ended up walking around for awhile. We could have saved a bit of energy and just used the shuttle cars to go directly to the water park.

The Siam Lagoon part of the park is huge with many pools, slides, and water chutes. We found a few different swimming areas suitable for toddlers and these had slides and things to climb up on. My son couldn’t wait to get in the water and loved the water slides. I had a go on a few of the bigger chutes and they were great fun. I was happy enough by the park by this stage but it wasn’t until we went for a wander that I was really impressed. In fact we nearly left the Siam Lagoon part of the park without seeing the wave pool area.

It is easy to understand why people sometimes refer to Siam Lagoon as Bangkok beach. The wave pool part of the park looks almost identical to a seaside resort. This is the biggest wave pool in the world and walking along the side of the pool it is easy to imagine that you are on the beach. The scene is made even more believable with rocks and lighthouses. There was also another slide here just for young kids and my son got a great kick out of this. I went for a swim in the biggest pool I’ve ever seen; it really is impressive. After we had enough exertion we retired to deckchairs and we had a nice picnic; just like a trip to Rayong.

We left the Siam lagoon area and had another look around some of the rest of the park. We tried out the African Adventure and this was interesting enough. We sort of overdid it by taking the boat tour and the train tour; even my son was struggling to stay awake by the end of it. After that we went to Small World and this was a disappointment. Most of the rides looked as if they were falling apart and there was very little that would suit a toddler. We left soon after this because we were all tired out.

This turned out to be a great day out for all the family. We intend to make a visit to Siam Lagoon a regular event but we will probably skip the rest of the park. I only take one day off every week and this will be a great place to just relax. In retrospect we wasted money by purchasing the 300THB tickets; the 100THB ticket for the water park would have been enough. It is also possible to purchase a one year ticket for 1000 THB and we will likely choose this next time.

You can read the Thai Pirate’s review of the park here.

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8 thoughts on “A Day at Bangkok Beach in Siam Park

    1. Thank you Camille. I think older kids and adults will like the rest of the park. Some of the rides seemed impressive. The great thing is that when you visit Siam Park you are also near Safari World as well. Although you would need a lot of stamina to visit both places in one day.

    1. Hi Aaron, we stayed there until mid afternoon and it was still fairly deserted. I think the fact that it is the rainy season puts a lot of people off. Many of the food stands were also shut. We more or less had our pick of the deck chairs.

  1. Paul a great write up, I am sure Doy would love this.
    Could I suggest you include a link on how to get there (GPS or Google map)for us non Bangkokians.

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